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[b]What is your worst injury while snowboarding?[/b]
My would have to be a hair line fracture on my ankle. Not that bad, but what makes it worse it happened the second day out last year. so i was suppose to miss six weeks but it was more like four and half. also the last day of last year i strained every tendon in my shoulder. thats about it for serious stuff...  

29 Nov 2002 02:00
a few years back, i broke a bone in my face (i forget the name of the bone). happened at mt high. woke up in the hospital in L.A. i was trasferred in a helicopter. it cost my insurance 22,000$  

29 Nov 2002 02:01
Four seasons back, I severely broke the sh1t out of my elbow in the park at Sugarbowl. They had this HUGE tabletop as the first hit in the park. I charged at that f--ker, sailed completely over it, landed in the flats way too hard, bounced, flipped over like 5 times (snapping my elbow backward like a dry twig), slid another 20 yards or so on my back down into the halfpipe and passed out cold. When I woke up, people were just cruisin past me like nothing happened. I had to get up and ride down to the lodge, where I spent 3 hours in total shock, warming my bloated, flimsy, PURPLE arm over a damn barbeque. Then I drove my buddies home, and didn't get into the hospital until the next day. Even after massive physical therapy, my arm's still not the same. Still love those tabletops though! :twisted:  

29 Nov 2002 02:06
Whoa that would have hurt like hell! :x but yah as long as ur better then b4 haha u sound like a pretty "hardcore" snowboarder but thats good since ur accident that ur still willing to hit tha table tops lol in my opinionm if i was u id be scared fer quite a while but w/e!  

05 Feb 2003 17:10
I have been lucky because nothing really bad has ever happened to me, but the most embarasing thing that ever happened(and this hurt a lot too :? ) was i was goping really fast down a hill and i caught an edge and fell forward, skidded a lot forward and my board came up behind me and smacked me in the back of tha head :oops:  

05 Feb 2003 20:31
Yah i kno that happened to be b4 too and everyone was like omg are u ok! and iwas like yah yah im fine hehe but it hurt and when i got hom i checked to see if i did anythin..since tha edge of muh board was sharp it cut into muh neck :shock:  

09 Feb 2003 19:29
i was boarin it up on some handrails right and then one time my board snaped and like i broke both my lags right near my ankle abd u no how the middle of boards r usually wood well i got all these wood chips in my ball and now i walk all bull laged  

23 Dec 2003 02:59
get this, one time, i sprained my pinky finger and cried. NOT. on my first rail ever, i got a bruise about the size of a dollar bill on my shin, it hurt pretty much.  

26 Dec 2003 02:15
I sprained my mcl three weeks before the season ended last year. It sucked because I still had to work and since I was on crutches I had to scan tickets all day because I couldn't run the lifts. Plus we got a ton of snow at the end of the season so I actually cried. I remember sitting at home with my roomate crying because I couldn't ride. On ride breaks I'd go sit in the shack and watch out the window while everyone else rode and try not to be such a girl with all the pitiful sobbing.  

03 Jan 2004 15:25

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