Surfing or snowboarding any advise?

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I'm pretty good in snowboarding. I just learned it not too long ago. I really like it but I can only dream of how amazing Surfing must be; but I haven't learned it yet. So, I'm wondering if I should invest in buying equipment for snowboarding or surfing? I can't really do both. In March some friends of mine are gonna try and teach me how to surf. Will I catch on surfing pretty easy if I already know some snowboarding? If so, I think I'd invest on surfing; I enjoy it more.

I'd be glad to hear from you guys who know more and could give some advise after hearing my situation, wonders, doubts, etc.
thanks again

17 Feb 2004 07:51
Moved to General Chat... Welcome abroad! :wink:  

17 Feb 2004 13:16

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