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Can anyone tell me what a heel to heel position is?????  

17 Feb 2004 12:02
yes i think in can,
i heel toe,as they call it in some areas in the world is where your skating along with one foot on the back wheel i.e heel and the other foot is behind it skating on only the front wheel i.e toe
make sence?
Takes a bit of practise but good show off move he he he :D
if you didnt mean heel toe and you ment heel heel then i guess its like the same just both skates on there heels
hope that helps

El Diablo  

21 Feb 2004 20:21
Ohh yeah i can do them it look pretty sick doin it along ledges
Thanx :P  

23 Feb 2004 14:46
can people take pics to help me out...  

14 Apr 2004 23:05
hey try first putting the heel of ur front foot up and roll like that then when u are comftorable put the front of the back foot touching the heel of the front foot and then (keeping ur feet alinghed)bring up the toe of ur back foot and u are rolling in a double heel. it looks sick on small ledges and fun boxes,.!!!!! make sense?!?!?!?

once confident try it backwards it is easy but insane looking :wink:  

07 Aug 2004 10:29
the heal to heal as u people call it is also know as a duck walk and i might be able to explain it a little better 2 if thats what u wanted help with.

where your Frount Foot is on the back wheel of ur skate and the other wheels are off the ground and your Back Foot has the frount wheel rolling while the others are off the ground So all in all your rolling on 2 wheels total one wheel per foot

Hope you get it cause idc how else to explain it  

17 Sep 2004 05:26

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