Hey Guys i wanna new bike

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Hey guys
I wanna buy a new bike
I currently have a mongoose menace which is pretty dumb!
I wanna get a new ride
I like ramps and the bowl and i also just like popping manuals and jumping over things ( ONCE I LEARN HOW TO BUNNY HOP )
I wanna go with the Haro Mirra 360 , or the Haro F7
What should i get ?  

17 Feb 2004 13:05
haros suc sry to say but i think they way to much and suck mayjor ass!i think if u like jumping over things and freestyling u should get like a volume bike or like a dirt bros bike.  

18 Feb 2004 05:23
yo i dnt know if u can get em where u r but a federal complete is pritty gd 4 the money  

18 Feb 2004 22:32
neither.Haros suck ass get a diamondback joker. they are fuckin awesome  

01 Mar 2004 00:55
I first started riding with a Dyno Air, the worst bike ever in a bike shop. I got an S&M Dirtbike Classic two years later, and could suddenly ride.

Dirt Bros. is a good suggestion, Fly makes good stuff, too. If you don't have much money, the Fit bikes are pretty good for $330.

Haro stuff is not very strong or light.  

05 Apr 2004 02:23
get a specialized s-works like me if u have big buks, man that bike is the best bike i hav ever ridin  

14 Apr 2004 03:29
Haro's don't necessarily suck. I find they are better for dirt jumps then anything else. If you wan't to ride a Haro around street or anything else they can be very unreliable. What everyone as suggested are fair enough. If you want something light, you can try getting a racing bike. They work well all around MOST of the time. Free Agent Experts are 22 lbs. One bike I know you won't be disappointed with are Redlines. Light, strong, and reliable. But different bikers have different opinions, so depending on how long you plan on staying in the bmx scene, you'll need to get new types of bikes over the years and find which company fits you best.  

18 Apr 2004 10:22

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