Wot kinda music does everyone listen 2 as bladers?

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[b] :shock: wot kinda music r ya'll in2 ??[/b]  

17 Feb 2004 23:12
Rock And Punk all the wayyy!!!!!! :twisted:  

18 Feb 2004 09:17
[quote=DaNnYbOi]Rock And Punk all the wayyy!!!!!! :twisted:[/quote]

[b] cool, some punk is ok i mainly like indie rock, ska & hip hop[/b] :lol:  

18 Feb 2004 16:34
Who's he?  

19 Feb 2004 01:59
[quote=MrPhear]Who's he?[/quote]

[b]who's hu? me? [/b]  

19 Feb 2004 17:05
Oops.. There was a pic of a muscular guy in your post... :oops:  

20 Feb 2004 03:01
i listen to fast rock,punk rock,you know stuff like that

evanescence come highly recomended from me.......but thats just me!

El Diablo  

21 Feb 2004 20:09
[color=cyan]I like punk rock mainly, but i like all knds of dance; trance garage etc.... rap is sumtimez ok......

but nah i stik to punk rock like sum41 blink182 & lostprophets! o and system of a down and new found glory and yeahh......[/color]  

21 Feb 2004 20:50
yeh i totally love system of a down !!!

listning to crappy soppy pop stuff will just kill ur style specially if other peeps can heer it to lol

El Diablo  

21 Feb 2004 21:11
[color=cyan]yeah u can just imagine that, listenin to blue or westlife.... evry1 wud kill you. well id kill sum1 if they were listenin to dat craP! lol[/color]  

21 Feb 2004 21:13
lol yeah i would totally kill them even if they just thought about it lol
i get so embarest for those people who walk by sayin ' OMG did you watch top of the pops yesterday' lol it makes me wanna kick them lol wiv me skates that is but i dont want those pop germs on my skates lol
ok ill stop i sound really childish here - im not usually like this.
well back on the subject - do you have cd players that you listen to or like tape players or like mp3 players ,what?

El Diablo  

21 Feb 2004 23:01
just thought i would state....but i feel sick....coz of the jelly i just ate....it wasnt set properly :?  

21 Feb 2004 23:24
haha haah ha ha LOSER he he he he he  

21 Feb 2004 23:29
[color=cyan]personal mini-disc player all da way[/color]  

22 Feb 2004 02:01
Doesnt that skip when you go over bumps and stuff?

mp3 player for me...what about you skater_gurl04

El Diablo :twisted:  

22 Feb 2004 16:26
Evanescence ( just saw them in concert a day ago, Amy Lee kicks!!!), the Offspring, Student Rick,Eminem, anything loud.

o and this skater_gurl 04 on offence but do u really skate??cuz it doent really seem like it :oops:  

23 Feb 2004 05:43
i listen to grand master flash i also listen to the pouges alot dr.dre and snoop too :mrgreen: :wink: :twisted: :evil: :P :x  

05 Apr 2004 18:26
well yall i listen to what ever i fell like.  

14 Apr 2004 20:27
d*ckweeds couldn't skate yourself out of paper bag.

I play computer games; kicks all yr asses; [url]www.insanetrain.com[/url] is the ultimate gamers forum; dickweeds.  

24 Jul 2004 16:06
yea u shove that games of urs up your mamas ^^ atleast we have paper bags hahaha
man get a life with us gettin injuries and u sitting there playing games
u're more likely to die earlier than us
haha stupid nerd geek lame arse loser. oh yea do u have super big glasses with a bad complexion?
anything goes as long as its not slow. i mean how can u skate with slow songs rite? but i personally like hoobastank - crawling in the <-- dark pumps me up  

11 Nov 2005 19:29
I listen to rock and punk but also hip hop n rap.For skatin Im into Dio , Slayer and acdc.I RECOMMEND BROTHER ALI 'SELF TAUGHT' itz wot i skate best to.CYEZZ  

05 Aug 2006 05:18
i listen mostly to rap on a usual bases but wen i skate it varies i like to get a good rythm it helps me to keep my balance and get a good run in plus if u hav music playin loud it make a decent video and all u nee is a camcorder but it all up to the individual dnt listen to music u dnt like just cuz u fell u have to to be into a sport be urself its all about self expression damn neone that dnt accept u for who u r  

11 Oct 2006 18:08
Cypress Hill  

18 Jan 2007 00:42

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