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can i have some tips please i can get the bike round and i can get one foot over da frame but i cant land on da pedals help!!!  

18 Feb 2004 22:47
The thing that you need to do is lean forward. At first it feels wierd but you have to lean way forward when you whip the bike in order for your weight to be centered when it comes back around.

Also, you can lay on your back and pass the bike around with your feet till you have the weight down. Eventually, you can just lay on your back and kick your bike around pedal to pedal like it's nothing.  

01 Apr 2006 05:09
which foot are you getting back on?  

02 Apr 2006 02:09
there is no way for us to give you tips on how to do a tailwhip because of some very crucial components.

1)we'd have to be there with you to show you, which is still very difficult to do.
2)each person rides differently, and it's very rare for 2 people to perform a tailwhip the same way.
3)not everyone here can even do a tailwhip.
4)reading words will not help you get a tailwhip. the only thing that can is going outside, hopping on your bike, and doing it until you get it. it may take hundreds, even thousands of times. lots of sweat and blood, and gravel in your body, but eventualy, you WILL get it. don't expect things to come instantly; everything takes time.  

02 Apr 2006 21:16
lol, he got owned  

03 Apr 2006 01:46
[QUOTE=bobe]lol, he got owned[/QUOTE]
the correct term is pwned. get it right. lol  

03 Apr 2006 05:25
no its both. just a lot of people spelled it wrong cause the o and p are right next to each other. both are acceptable.

i think.  

03 Apr 2006 15:04
i use pwned and owned, it depends on the situation  

03 Apr 2006 22:41

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