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I am curious about people's experiences with [b]Glucosamine[/b] supplements. Positive, negative, no results? It's expensive but I decided to give it a try because my fingers are always achy.

Any other supplements that people recommend?
[b]Advil daily[/b] or just after climbing?  

29 Nov 2002 22:41
I take a glucosimine/chondroitin(sp?) supplement daily. I hear ya on the cost, it's real pricey. If you have a Costco/Sam's Club nearby, they carry a generic version of it, with the exact same ingredients, but WAY cheaper.....250 tablets/$19.99. As far as results, I can't say personally, but I know people(parents) that feel they have greatly benefitted from it.


29 Nov 2002 22:42

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