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Ok so my friend is taking a good long look at my board, trying to help me out.(i had troubel with the turning) He then goes..dude these trucks look like they arent lined up right...My question is, could i have put the trucks on wrong, or is it more likely the holes in the board are lined up wrong!?!? Its a black label oval elephant if that might help. i dont want to buy new trucks before i figure out what might be wrong.  

21 Feb 2004 00:03
someone please!!! answer my question!!!  

21 Feb 2004 17:34
yeah man idk what the problem is but mine does the same thing my friends say that its juss plain messed up they dont know whats wrong with it sorry i couldnt help but i juss thought i would let u know ur not alone  

04 Mar 2004 05:26
I had that too.I went and bought another set of trucks.Thats all you can do.  

04 Mar 2004 09:46
i asked my friend today what to do about it and he juss said to keep the trucks tighter. but idk i tighten them but its still the same and where do u get new trucks anyways everywhere i look i cant find any. they juss have boards.  

05 Mar 2004 01:16
it could be the trucks, but it might be the deck cause oval elephants are old.  

13 Apr 2004 20:59
i would have to say, tighten your hardware or losen your trucks or you put your trucks on backwards.  

14 Apr 2004 03:23

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