Hey I ve just recently got into vert

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Hey I ve just recently got into vert. Ive been aggressive skatin for like 2 yrs and can do grinds and all that jazz, so I know what doing street wise but need help getting tricks going on the vert.(just tricks, i know howd pump and dropin) Any tips :?: Thanks in advance[color=darkred][/color]  

21 Feb 2004 06:05
sorry no tips that i can give you, iv only just started aggro skatin

dont know why i replied cause i havent actually got any thing usefull to say........oh well

El Diablo  

21 Feb 2004 20:14
[color=cyan]i dont vert skate but i know sum shit..... try a stalefish - keep your left leg straight and put your right leg bent and put behind your left leg.grab your left leg's skate with your left arm. i hope this makes sence.[/color]  

21 Feb 2004 20:53
the way you put that so simply is just amazing :)  

21 Feb 2004 21:27

21 Feb 2004 21:29
i need help with grab tricks...  

14 Apr 2004 23:08

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