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[color=cyan]I need sum new liners im gonna try on sum reign ones if theyre no good ill try sum senate ones but theyre expensive.. do u hav any tips on good liners for my skates, cos after about 2-3 hours of skatin i get really sore ankles
plz help if u know any good ones you have or know opf any-cheers![/color]  

21 Feb 2004 21:09
for this i can totaly relate!!
its pissing annoying when your having a great day but then you get these painfull blisters on your feet. well i just gritted my teeth and delt with the pain cause i couldnt afford new insides lol
just put muscle cream on ur ankles ,where thicker socks and while just croozin round dont put as much pressure on ur ankles ,sounds wierd but it works dont always go for the most expensive gear tho .

El Diablo  

21 Feb 2004 23:26
dont but chaos they are crap basically but K2 USD ROLLERBLADE they r the way to go they r expensive but they last ages and they rule  

10 Mar 2004 16:04
[color=cyan]its sorted i just went out and bought sum white reign ones theyre quality.
o and i just ordered sum senate wheels in[/color] :D 8)  

21 Mar 2004 13:43
i have not been skatin long but my skates r comfy...  

14 Apr 2004 22:51

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