Ok i suck i kno but wot next...? MY problem!!

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i bin skating for about 2 years now, but ive never tried hard enuff and neva bin interested enuff 2 get good. So bascilly i can do manuals n stuff and pop shuv it once lol, but for some reason ive neva bin able 2 ollie and land it, so i bin practising on a carpet n i landed it once somehow? but i cant seem 2 put my left foot on the board after i hav landed it wiv my right? it seems 2 automatically end up on the floor instead of the board...:@ grr  

21 Feb 2004 23:33
Hey,first of all are u goffy of regular. Ur left foot in skateboarding is opposite sides as mine...so we cant tell what u mean untill youtell us goofy or regular.(goofy is right foot in front!)  

22 Feb 2004 01:32
lol sry.. i thought about it and it dident matter...what you need to do is bring that foot in, conciencly..cant spell that. You ahve to think about it. Think after u ollie pull that foot in. Heres some help on ollie. The foot that you pull the board up with...left or right bring the knee of that leg up in front of the nose..look at a skateing vidio of and ollie or pictures...look at the sk8ters knee that will help!!!but bring that foot in!  

22 Feb 2004 01:36
well maybe you cant do ollies and stuff cause you crap!!
only joking, you could for get about doing ollies for a while and learn sum other trick and then go back to it! it some times works lol
just dont give up on it .....it will come to you.......one day

El Diablo :twisted:  

22 Feb 2004 01:37
dont worry it took me months before i could ollie its harder than it looks but now i can ollie left right and centre i cant give u tips becuse i ride regular and goofy and switch and nollie  

23 Feb 2004 20:38
Fuzzy Rider

03 Dec 2006 03:55
if its your back foot its probaly because your jumping to high and not kicking enough so your foot isnt sticking to the board if its your front foot its probaly because your dragging to much or it might just be because your either consiously or sub consiously (excuse the spelling) afraid to land on it cause theres a risk of it slipping out if thats hte problem then just concentrate and re assure yourself you find alot of people take that back foot off when they first start to learn to ollie over or onto something cause they dont think they can make it even if theire 6 inches above it ive seen a kid who could ollie 2 1/2 feet or something crazy like that (he was a champ high jumper) but he couldent ollie up a curb  

12 Dec 2006 13:39

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