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Im a little short on cash and i ride street. Im looking at 2 bikes: The Volume Black Sheep or the 2-Hip Bizzle. I Dont know which bike to pick and i need help picking. Also if u know anyother good bikes tell me. Remeber im looking to spend about 300 dollars.  

22 Feb 2004 08:27

22 Feb 2004 19:21
dont get any of those bikes. get a diamondback joker. they only cost a litttle bit of money but they are awesome  

01 Mar 2004 00:41
The Black Sheep is pretty light and comes with better parts. So I say go with that, unless you're pretty short (under 5'7") because it's got a 20.5" top tube. I felt really comfortable on it.  

05 Apr 2004 02:26
get the eastern lowdown
under 200 dollars and an awesome bike
goes at i think like 26 pounds its a very cool deal for the cash  

07 Apr 2007 09:41

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