Can girls play roller hockey?

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i was just wondering if girls could lpay roller hockey
there is a local team in my town and i thought i would join but there are no other girls in the team..
most of the boys in the team are in my year/grade but like i said are all boys
What do you think......?

El Diablo :twisted:  

22 Feb 2004 18:37
i fink u shud join 4 the hell of it lol  

22 Feb 2004 19:51
lol yeah cheers skater_gurl04

El Diablo :twisted:  

22 Feb 2004 20:59
the oder day i saw a women in a mixed team  

16 May 2004 23:33
U Should Join I Play And The Girls Outnumber The Boys In Our Team So Jus Go For It And Prove That U Can Skate As Well As They Can  

03 Aug 2005 13:12

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