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Hi! i am an intermediate climber with experience outdoors, i have done toproping for a while, but am taking lead course soon. Would like help on what sort of gear to buy, for both lead and top... THX :P  

22 Feb 2004 21:00
Have you spoken to the instructor who you're taking this lead class with? I would believe they would have some really good information for you, as well as actual items you could try out.

Either way, I will assume you have a rope. For sport, all you need are some draws. There are many types available, and you will want to play with them to find which ones work best for you.

For trad, well, there are TONS of things you could get. Hexes, cams, nuts, friends, etc. Do you know someone who has a trad rack? If so, I would go with them climbing, and get some first hand experience, and then buy stuff. It can get quite expensive.  

22 Feb 2004 21:06

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