Campusing- How to get strong?

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I use campussing to get stronger on my lock offs and body tension and find it a very useful tool for training and getting stronger, what do you think and if you campus, how do you do it? If not what do you do to get stronger?

I find keeping my body real still as i pull up, lock then move to the next rung is really good. It improves the lock, and body tention because my abs are stabilizing to keep my body from swinging.

your thoughts?  

29 Nov 2002 22:46
at the very minimum do pull ups off a bar using just oyur fingertips.  

29 Nov 2002 22:47
During the only period I ever really campused, I used teh big franklin rungs with the 3 finger pockets in them.

Not only good for serious campus sessioss, the 3 finger pockets forced me into openhand grips and forced me to deadpoint to do big moves.

Word to those rungs.  

29 Nov 2002 22:48

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