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I really want to get into freestyle riding. The problem is I don't know what measurements I should be looking for in a bike or what brands are worth while to take a look at. One thing's for sure and that is I want the bike to be light. I'm 5'9 if that helps. Is it best to buy a whole bike, or to buy a frame and parts and build it yourself? Any good advice is appreciated. Thanks.  

25 Feb 2004 05:46
get a fit complete there gud 4 da money light and a good size  

28 Feb 2004 23:12
if its ur first bmx bike, get something that's complete ubless u got a friend who knows shit about parts. I've been riding for quite a while, i still dont know shit about parts. TIP; DO NOT GET THE 2003 GT COMPE, i had that but the handlebars are so small for and im 5, 9 too. haro, HB, diamond back, shwinn, T1 are always good, once in a while ull find a good mongoose  

04 Mar 2004 03:33

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