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:twisted: [color=red][/color] I'm not very good and have been skating for about 3 years. The best i can do is a backside 180 and that's not much to show for the commitment i've made. i love the sport but i dont feel as if i am improving or BEATING MY PERSONAL BEST. can anyone tell me how i can help myself improve?  

26 Feb 2004 00:11
You should practice... you should practice ALOT! :twisted:  

26 Feb 2004 00:44
look people
I have been skating for about a moth and a bit and i have asked lots of people lots of questions on how to improve any thing... And basicly the only ansver i got was PRACTICE....PRACTICE....PRACTICE...PRACTICE

So i took their advice and now i skate where ever and when ever i can!!!!
Good luck to you all :D  

27 Feb 2004 01:27
has anyone herd of a m15 flip in think its oldskool  

02 Mar 2004 13:25
Fuzzy Rider

03 Dec 2006 03:54
k seriously wut are you doing liek jsut leave  

03 Dec 2006 21:05
hey jaber i have been skateing for 8 months and im already doing 360 flips but the biggest help ive had isnt this website the ppl on here are dicks when they want to be but cool when there not but hey go to [url][/url] they have a shitload of trick tips and how u can correct wut ur doing wrong check it out  

05 Dec 2006 22:45
he's long gone  

06 Dec 2006 03:36
lol yea i noticed it after i seen it was an old thread lol  

07 Dec 2006 03:21
do it and stay away from thinking.  

19 Apr 2007 01:08

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