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I started skateboarding when i was 7..skated for to years..did nuthin but fool around and sh*t during that time..Just picked it up again...got an anti-hero..ventra trucks..red bones berring and spit fire wheels...well anyway..i can do an ollie about in the middle of 1/4 and 1/2 of a foot...i wanna get it higher..i stomp on the tail hard..but the board goes out of control!( and i drag)  

28 Feb 2004 05:25
its not really about slammin on the tail, its more about sliding up your front foot sideways. once you got that mastered jump as high as you can
:shock: :twisted:  

29 Feb 2004 23:34
just practice and practice and gues what PRACTICE  

05 Mar 2004 22:54
just slide up ur foot harded and lift ur back foot higher  

28 Mar 2004 21:29

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