need trick tips for flatland

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need spme help wit my flatland tricks.plz send some tips and stuff.  

01 Mar 2004 00:44
well ill giv u a few...theres a pogo where u go a slow speed and then slam on the front brakes doing a small endo then before ur back tire hits the ground slam on the back brakes the pull the front of ur bike up so now ur on the back pegs standing straight up and then start hopping til u run out of juice then just bring the front back down and pedal away.oh and i forgot start on ur back pegs when u begin this trick:).....then theres a tail on of my favs.u start a medium speed then shove ur left foot behind the fork on the right side of it then when ur back tire leaves the ground kick the bike with ur right foot and balancewith ur right foot in the air and the left foot in the fork holding the brakes to..then catch the frame with ur right foot and ride away.Plus after u can try multiple tailwhips the ones that i love:):):):)IT WILL TAKE LOTS OF TIME AND LEARNING HOW TO BALNCE SO STICK TO IT BELIEVE ME YOULL GET IT:)  

11 Mar 2004 03:24

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