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Okay, everytime I approach a curb I cannot turn my board and get it into 50-50 it just wants to boardslide. Can you give me tips or something.... anyone???  

25 Dec 2002 00:29
Well, first off just skate up to your curb at the speed you need to be able to slide..Get right next to the curb and ollie up...make sure you get most of your truck up onto the curb or u will get on and the board will fall right off...try that and you should be nailing those 50-50s like nothing!  

25 Dec 2002 00:29
actually no, it all depends. if the curb, is a sidewalk edge, all u got to do is ride, a bit slanted (not striaght) and get ur front trucks on first. push foward hard and turn ur board if the curb turns too, then ur back trucks will come on automatically.  

25 Dec 2002 00:30
All you have to do to bust a 50-50 is ollie onto whatever and hold it in the same position and just roll off  

30 Dec 2003 04:35
Fuzzy Rider

03 Dec 2006 03:51

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