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Which trick do people thick is the hardest 2 pull off. :roll:  

04 Mar 2004 22:59
nestle toll house
ollie now i mean when your a beginner because you suck then or 9 :!: :!:  

06 Mar 2004 11:29
ollie finger flip  

28 Mar 2004 21:24
720 double kickflip to indy to 900 mctwist. I did this one of a 1 ft ledge........ and u believe me, rite?..... :shock:  

23 Apr 2004 18:50
lol....it's like there isn't such thing as the hardest trick cuz you can anything I'd be hard now if you wouldn't asked whats the hardest trick someone has landed I would prob have to say loop a full pipe (a real one) or somecrazy technical trick by somebody else besides mullen.  

28 Apr 2004 17:54
yeah, i think that watching mullen either inspires you or it completely kills your passion fo skatin. Like, on sk8 or die, he lands like a 1000000 primo flip back into primo! How the hell will we get that good???? Bastard........  

28 Apr 2004 18:03
lol....no kidding  

28 Apr 2004 18:30
Well, Rodney mullen is what you get for skating for 25 years. why didn't he get invited to X-games 10, he would've easily gotten gold...  

02 Oct 2004 02:36
for you it's not "got milk?" its "got a life?".  

12 Oct 2004 02:46
rodney mullen is like the seceond inventor of skateboarding cause he made like 200 tricks already  

30 Jul 2005 06:40
I can do a hardflip without a ramp or any of that shit.  

08 Aug 2005 00:42
so can I  

08 Aug 2005 03:56
i can sort of, im getting close to it  

08 Aug 2005 07:48
so can I[/QUOTE]
Sure!!! :D ..lmao  

09 Aug 2005 04:08

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