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How long do I have to grab my board for a grabtrick ?  

05 Mar 2004 22:10
You just have to grab it and not touch it.

It's just like if you try to squeeze your board with your hand Don't just touch your board with you're hand  

15 Mar 2004 19:58
does this count i ollie as high as i can then juss simply reach down and grab the nose of the board and then i kick the board down and my fingers slide off and land it ats all there is to it right  

16 Mar 2004 02:15
sure whatever as long as you GRAB it

sure whatever as long as you GRAB it

sure whatever as long as you GRAB it  

16 Mar 2004 22:15
THANKS man i appreciate the sarcasm or w/e too! juss cuz u have been skating for like 6 years or w/e doesnt mean u cant treat me like that so juss step down...  

17 Mar 2004 03:16
no didn't mean to be hatin' :D It's cool!  

18 Mar 2004 20:05
skool man juss dont want no haterism up in this thing its kool though peace  

19 Mar 2004 02:22
i grabbed my nose for a split second but i was sitting still  

29 Apr 2004 00:58
my god, i do believe i made a stiffy off the ground  

29 Apr 2004 15:51
yeh when i get a stiffy my rises off the ground 2 lololol man im stupid  

06 Jun 2004 12:38

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