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i was juss looking on one of these posts something about the first trick u landed i think but MrPhear, how did u do a boardslide without ollieing cause i tryed to do something like that but i juss sat there lol k thanks *and by the way please reply something nobody has replied to any of my thingys* they are prolly boring or soemthing idk :x  

07 Mar 2004 04:32
If you wanna boardslide without olling then do it on a WAXED curb or a very low rail.Just turn and lift you nose towards the rail and get on and you should slide.....best thing do to is to learn how to ollie first  

28 Apr 2004 18:39
yeah, if you ollie, you can do nythin  

28 Apr 2004 18:49
oh for sure.I mean if you can't ollie your nothing......evry trick comes with and ollie....I think unless theres someweird ass freestyle tricks or oldskool.....but most come with an ollie  

28 Apr 2004 21:52
ive bout stopped skating its really like pissing me off and stuff ive been trying to do a kickflip but its an *impossible* haha task shew ive even broke my boad apart trying to learn it! i was fixing to ollie and i guess i was on the nose cuz i pushed down and snap the board juss went crack and i was in shock for like 2.4 seconds ive now got that board in my room mounted on my wall it will be famous someday worth up to 250 maybe juss because I rode on it haha i wish anyways but imma go practice my kickflip on my wally world deck man haha peace *now that is an impossible task  

29 Apr 2004 00:56
if u do a regular shuv it .that dont require an ollie.  

29 Apr 2004 01:08
cody-n-yassy- [u][b]Punctuation[/b][/u] is your [u][b]Friend![/b][/u] Your hurting his feelings SO badly by totally ignoring him like that. You might want to introduce him to that paragraph, or should I say run on sentence.

I don't mean to be hating or anything, but I could hardly read that, much less understand what you were trying to say...  

01 May 2004 01:59
find sumthing and just ride a manual and once u get your front wheels over it .stomp on the nose and then u will slide.hope i hlped.  

01 May 2004 08:14
BIGUP Nolaquen.... u show that lazy bastard cody-n-yassy!!! By the way old skool kickflips DO NOT require an ollie! ha  

04 May 2004 17:51
Like I said unless it's and oldskool tricks or something along those lines  

05 May 2004 01:58

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