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ive been skating for about 2 months and i have this instinct that when ever im in the air and moving at a moderate speed i turn my body 90 degrees and my back foot is to the side of the board. i do this even when i can land the trick. im not sure if this will help but im 12 years old so that might have something to do with it  

08 Mar 2004 03:45
Yeah right!!!!the age has nothing to do with it.....just look at all these other kids who are like 6 years old and they can already MANY others will tell you it comes with practice....and it's true.  

28 Apr 2004 18:37
Hard to stop isnt it? i have a strange thing with anti-casper 180 flips that i cant get my front foot to land on the bord.... it lands just behind, so i am really frustrated.... o well, off i go to practice  

28 Apr 2004 18:54
Thats the spirit boz.......Practice!  

28 Apr 2004 21:49
practice makes perfect...dude  

29 Apr 2004 00:43

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