hi here...i need some help plz about skates

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hi everybody...
well,i'm new here and first i must say that i don't speak eng. very well but i think that u gonna understed me :?
so,i want to start skating again,i stop skating a few years ago and my first skates has been majestic 12,and after them i buy roces 5th element...than i stop for some reason and now i want to skate again,and i wanna know which skates are u good and nice to buy(for street)???

thx too all,and sorry for my engl. :)  

08 Mar 2004 06:21
dont worry about ur english any way some k2s or rollerbalde r good for street maybe some usd salamon r more for race those three are the best kind i wouldnt get anarchy or something like that as they arent very good i find sorry to all those who have them

hop this helps chris  

10 Mar 2004 16:00
[color=cyan]yeah i have anarchy and yeh theyre shite. well theyre good skates but i need to buy new everything so i might just buy sum new skates maybe sum rollerblade trs alphas or summit?¿[/color]  

14 Mar 2004 23:52
i av anarchy chaos and there gr8
i recomend this site:

16 May 2004 23:37

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