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have u heard of a trick called kickflip pogo air well if u have tell me about it  

09 Mar 2004 05:22
A kickflip pogo air is where you launch off of a ramp or something,kickflip,then put one foot on this side of the board on the back truck and your other foot on the other side on the grip tape side so it looks like your a pogo stick...like your above you board and the board is between your legs....get it?I don't know if I can explain it good or not but nobody else was trying so I did........  

28 Apr 2004 18:46
i agree, but that isnt wot i posted 4. the reason that nobody posts on these topics is because a couple of pple dont no and then lots of nu posts get in the way, sending this to the bottom.... bit of an arse really  

28 Apr 2004 18:52
O i guess thats it.......yeah but people should like keep the kickflips questions in like one section then everybody could get answered,huh? :lol:  

28 Apr 2004 21:51
i wholeheartedly agree my friend. Meet up for tea and crumpets on Saturday, wot wot?  

29 Apr 2004 15:45
:lol: oh but of course! :lol:  

05 May 2004 02:32
i swear ya'll r crazy.....  

05 May 2004 08:25
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06 May 2004 18:21
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06 May 2004 18:24
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06 May 2004 18:27
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06 May 2004 18:29
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06 May 2004 18:32
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06 May 2004 18:33
what, incontinent pigdog?  

06 May 2004 18:34
yeah lets stop being pricks now and get along ok :wink: :wink: :wink: :roll:  

06 May 2004 18:36
fair enough, old chum. I truly do admire the courage you have to stop being a fucking wanker. Ooops. sorry. didn't mean it. Piss.  

06 May 2004 18:37
don't worry you  

06 May 2004 18:38
oh thank u, o gracious skateboarder  

06 May 2004 18:39
Holy Shit You guys is that all you do?But it's pretty funny though.....but I'll take you up on that duel boz lets make this a full fighting match  

07 May 2004 03:41

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