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one day me and my friends were jumping over some huge rocks and the police came by and banned us from that jump that sucks!
that was the best jump in the whole town.......... :cry:  

25 Dec 2002 00:56
i think they are a problem in all towns and cities.  

25 Dec 2002 00:56
i dont get it, up her in westchester county, ny the cops are all friendly so they never stop and yell at u unless u are actually vandalizing but like grinding on benches and jumping off of school ledges and such they dont yell, the worst that ive had was when the cop stopped and asked if i fell i shuld be wearing a helmet, i told him i only came here to pik up something and was going back home.  

25 Dec 2002 00:58
but the security guards are real tightasses........
i geuss i shuldnt really ride in the underground parkin lots but there isnt many places to ride. its a lil better now that i flatland cuz i can ride more places as long as thers flat land.

if u hav problems with cops then i suggest u just find a skatepark cuz ther better 2 ride at and the cops cant stop u ther.  

25 Dec 2002 00:59
[quote=jorduh89]one day me and my friends were jumping over some huge rocks and the police came by and banned us from that jump that sucks!
that was the best jump in the whole town.......... :cry:[/quote] that sucks ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :twisted:  

14 Jan 2003 16:39
Who gives a fuck about coppers; if they come up to you, ride off.  

17 Jan 2003 17:04
courtesy and politeness will get u far my friends, I was once hassled about riding my bike at this church, i told the officer i wasnt hurting anything and he siad it was illegal for me to ride there, i asked him where it would be acceptable for me to ride at, and he said that i could ride there, if i would get permission from the pastor of that church. If u are polite, u may be able to get the police to help you out.

11 Feb 2003 08:06
hey i know what your talking about they are a problem in my town to but lucky me they are to lazy to do any thing  

07 Mar 2003 21:01
cops suck fuck 5-0 fuck 5-0  

29 Dec 2003 14:45
jus ride it neway if they come again leg it  

18 Feb 2004 23:20
Up in Burlington are skatepark is shit. Me and some friends went on an hour ride to shell park. At shell locals dont like bikers well anyways its summer and me and my friends are at shell and a bunch of little kids are there total daycare. Anyways my friend drops in and just smokes this little 5 year old kid on a trike :P so the kids father calls the police and its a not a bike park so hes writing up tickets and the guys like you from around here and were like no and he's like where u from we say Burlington and he laughs and then i'm like ya where down here cause are park sucks balls and the guy let us off because we wern't local so he told us to wait till he left and then we could just bike so thats my story.  

23 Mar 2004 06:02
[quote=terrible1]jus ride it neway if they come again leg it[/quote]

it happens everywhere that i know.fisrt off try to reason with them by just saying we aint gonna vadal the place or drink just here to have fun and ride but alot of times dosent work so just go there anyways and if u see a cop do what terrible1 said  

02 Apr 2004 15:02
havent had many problems with them. my biggest problem is other kids going down into my jumps, not knowing how to jump and pretty much breaking them. I dont know how to keep them all away. SO i just chase them and threaten them. 8) Only way.

Well 2nite i prol will go some street riding in some plazes with some stairs. hop up onto the planters then ride along that and then leap off of that just after the stairs, if i stay there long enough the plaza guards will kick me out prol.  

02 Apr 2004 18:42
man i'm so pissed the other day my friends went to shell park and the police came again and the park i bike is no bikes. some dam adults were like bikes dont belong in skateparks well you know what go build me a fu*king bike park and maybe i'll leave  

11 Apr 2004 23:02
Skate and bmx
damn cops get all over ur ass  

11 May 2004 04:37
one day some FBI agent dude kicked me and my freinds out of some parkng lot  

15 Jul 2004 16:51
brett 88
once i went through a trail cuz a cop car was chasing me and dude got out and started chasing me on foot lmao lost him in seconds, what a nerd...i thot, until i come outta the trail and bam they cut me off i hd to bike fast then LOL was fun tho, cuz i was with friends and shit.

one momre thing, jorduh odnt worry about cops the worst u gt is 1 night in jail or something :P:P  

06 Aug 2004 18:33
wut did u do 2 make the cops chase u?  

06 Aug 2004 18:36
brett 88
took a trail that went across railroad tracks, lol, took the same one just yesterday, and this railroad worker came after us lol  

07 Aug 2004 17:00
thats funny  

07 Aug 2004 18:07
brett 88
haha yeah, talk about afrenaline rush :P:P  

07 Aug 2004 19:26
MR Fluffy
were the hell do u guys live im in south afica and well i get away with pretty much anything like grining and breaking bricks and shit  

08 Aug 2004 19:35
MR Fluffy
were the hell do u guys live im in south afica and well i get away with pretty much anything like grining and breaking bricks and shit  

08 Aug 2004 19:36
brett 88
one word...canada  

09 Aug 2004 16:31
i live in england  

09 Aug 2004 16:39
I got kicked off of a skate park once by the cops a couple of times This skate park isnt really a bike friendly place so I kind of was expecting to get kicked off soon.  

10 Oct 2004 07:53
cops dont bother me but fuck ass wipe rent a cops like mall cops and park cops suck. i all was get in trouble by them like ever day. so me and my friends just build a 4ft quarterpipe and we had some 2ft kickers and a bitching 2ft landing and ride them most of the time but here l8tly we been street rideing.  

18 Oct 2004 05:51
if i where u id keep on riding i wouldnt let the fuckin pigs dik me around like that if it was the best jump in town go for it and fuck em  

13 Aug 2005 09:39
yeah keep riding. if its well lit up then hell, night rides man. but if its in the middle of bumblefuck then session it early in the morning when they have the cops that are just about to end their 1 .am to 9 .am session, they will be burned out and not give a shit. if your not a morning person then just kick it for small sessions, like an hour or half or so. maybe not even that long. i dont have this problem cause my rides are mainly nocturnal and very late. so yeah... jumping rocks?  

13 Aug 2005 09:54
it's not against the law to ride a bike wtf  

15 Aug 2005 22:50
Skratch Kid
Cops in Seattle are soo chill, riding down the middle of the street at 4 in the morning, cops come around the corner, ask me if i'm drunk, say no, ask me if i'm high, say no, they tell me to have a good night and to be safe. pretty cool  

23 Aug 2005 03:41
it is if your on private property or vandalizing(grinding ledges, railings, etc.)  

23 Aug 2005 05:24
Skratch Kid
Nocturnal rides are the best, every spot is open to hit up without some stupid bitch ass crappy skateboardings that actually can't skate and take up space. (if you're good at skateboarding, than u got all my respect, but if u suck, stay inside and let the bikers go out to play)  

24 Aug 2005 11:42
the pigs in my town if there cool they watch you, if there not they try to fucking arrest you but we still ride but if you street ride at night in the town on a friday and saturday there more worried about fights pissed people and fitties walkin around topless  

19 Sep 2005 15:31
i have no police problems  

02 Dec 2005 00:25
thats only happens if you stay at your house or only go to parks  

02 Dec 2005 01:27
i don't stay at home or at parks  

02 Dec 2005 01:31
i havent had to many problems with johnny law its basically the security guards. security guards kick you off spots before you even put your backpack down its fuckin gay

one time my and my buddys were at this one spot and some cops pulle dup in their car but didnt say anything to us so were just kinda like uumm ok can we sjate and shit. so we go over and ask them if its cool that were here or do we have to leave and they said it was cool they just wanted to watch for a minute then they drove away  

02 Dec 2005 03:49
i don't have problems with them either  

02 Dec 2005 03:56
cop trouble, shit, i hate that. i had to heuge ass black cops stop and pull shotguns out on me and 3 friends before. DO NOT RIDE ILLEGALY IN A MERCEDES/HUMMER SHOW ROOM AND PARKING LOT. AND DO NOT WALL RIDE A HUMMER EITHER IN THAT PARKING LOT. unless you can ride like superman and just fly away.  

02 Dec 2005 04:02
i had that problem at ikea. i was skating thier parking garage and some off duty cop shopping for furniture told me i had to leave, actually, i had to "take that board to a skatepark". i was going to get into an argument about how theres no skateparks in my county and theres nowhere else to go but i didnt want a ticket  

02 Dec 2005 15:33
[QUOTE=bmx1025]i don't stay at home or at parks[/QUOTE]
do you even ride bmx?  

02 Dec 2005 15:50
lol, you love picking on him dont ya  

02 Dec 2005 19:13
well, if you dont have police problems and he doesnt stay at home and/or parks, how can he ride with out police problems?  

02 Dec 2005 19:20
chris bmxer
in my country they dont give a fuck :)  

02 Dec 2005 20:18
ive never had a problem with the bobbys  

02 Dec 2005 20:55
[QUOTE=Therejectedbmxer]well, if you dont have police problems and he doesnt stay at home and/or parks, how can he ride with out police problems?[/QUOTE]

true dat

at least 1 encounter fuck you need something  

02 Dec 2005 22:08
[QUOTE=spaztix]true dat

at least 1 encounter fuck you need something[/QUOTE]
and also neighbors and shit that call the cops. that happens all the time. so yet another reason that he probably doesnt ride.  

02 Dec 2005 22:13
the police just stop and watch

they don't say anything  

02 Dec 2005 23:08
some one caled the cops one time cause my band was playing so loud during rehersal

they told us its legal to make as much noise as you want from 6am-10pm  

02 Dec 2005 23:22
[QUOTE=bmx1025]the police just stop and watch

they don't say anything[/QUOTE]
Well since Union is technically private property the cops do nothing unless you provoke the owners which you guys dont do although shooting paintballs at their clubhouse = bad idea :-)  

02 Dec 2005 23:25
my neighbor called the cops on my once. they didnt do anything all they did was ride by. i set some lights up in my driveway so i could skate at light 10:30 at night and it was keeping them up.  

03 Dec 2005 00:53
i do that sometimes set up lights in my backyard and ride at night. . . . or i just go to the parking lot down my street which has lights at night  

03 Dec 2005 02:02
im too lazy to have to come back up my monster hill  

03 Dec 2005 02:56

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