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Right, im 22yrs old and i stopped skating when i was 18. Im undecided wether i should start back up again, coz i love the adrenilin rush when then you first drop a halfpipe and then master a McTwist of it . :D Someone help me, am i too old to go back in to it or what? :? I mean i used to skate with the Jagger Brothers in rehab n all, so i wasn't that bad!! :) What you think all?  

13 Mar 2004 18:23
Hurry up and get skating, there is no use just sitting thinking about it !
No you are nver to old to start skating...unless you know your like 80, then its a health hazard lol, if you skated before then it should be no problem, just remember now that you are a bit older you might not have the same amount of energy as before so dont push your self to hard....
look at me talking out my arse again !

el diablo  

21 Mar 2004 18:50
no it is like dude said"your never to old to skate"  

14 Apr 2004 22:49

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