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haha thats neato lol but anyways ive got the ollie down but when it comes to kick flip im juss lost *shoom right over my head* i juss have no clue how to do it it juss seems like it goes to quick to do it (by the way i know that it is a kick flip so dont be dissin me i thought it was kewl)  

14 Mar 2004 03:50
you wont be able to kickflip after jus lernin to ollie keep trying you will get it

Set up your feet in the ollie position. Your front foot, though, should be adjusted back towards the heel edge a bit and your toes (or rather the front of your shoe) should be just behind the centermost mounting bolts of the front truck. Do an ollie, but rather than only sliding your front foot upward and forward, you must also slide your foot (again, probably your shoe) to the heel side enough to start your board in a spin. This action requires you to actually kick your front foot off of your board; the last point of contact between the front of your shoe and the board should be in that little concaved dip just before the nose. The spinning board then hovers for a second between your sprawling legs. When you see the grip again, stop the rotation with your back foot, then put that front foot back on, right on top of them bolts, and land.  

15 Mar 2004 13:16
thanks but i sat and tried to do juss that for the past three hours and sweat dripping, legs cramping, and stinging eyes (from the sweat) and i juss couldnt do it i got the flip partially down but this trick is gosh darn hard i juss cant do it :cry: i doubt i could practice like this for a week and not get it i would die well thanks though, peace  

16 Mar 2004 01:58
Everyone learns at there own pace. I learned heelflips before kickflips. I have a friend who has been trying moving kickflips for about 5 months and hasn't landed one yet. I learned them in about 2 weeks of solid trying (skating for about 3 to 4 hours a day) When the time is right you'll get them. Keep trying and most importantly have fun! :D  

24 Mar 2004 05:11
could not have said it better myself :x  

24 Mar 2004 13:13

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