what kind of skateboard should i get?

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I just started sk8ing and i dont know what kind of board, trucks and wheels and bearings to get.i think i want element, is that what i should get?(Tell me what the best trucks wheels and bearings are)  

15 Mar 2004 02:18
Yeah elements good.I preferably would get a Darkstar but thats just me...I have thunder trucks and I think They're my best trucks I've ever had
Royals=kingpins break fast
Destructos=last forever (still have them they were my first set) but they always want to turn to one side after you've been riding them for a while
Rukus=They're just real loose trucks that never want to tighten

For bearings get either PIG or Black Panthers
PIG= They last forever and are pretty fast
Panthers= They roll real smooth last real long if you take care of them  

15 Mar 2004 19:51
here are some good ones(to me)
jessup griptape or black magic
spitfire wheels
bone reds barings
independent trucks
i would get some shock pads
and a ZERO deck.  

17 Mar 2004 05:37
Your first board is more like a experment before you really know what you like to ride. Most people ride the boards of there favorite skaters but I go for the size which is 8 and not alot of companies make boards that big so I take what I can get. As for trucks, I ride Royals, there good trucks but the kingpins are long and they can snap. Ventures and good and cheap. Independent's use to be good and on the new ones the base plates snap. As for hardware and ect. it really doesn't make a difference what you ride. The same goes for griptape I've Blackmagic, Ironhorse and Jessup and I couldn't tell the difference. So I just get Jessup since it's the cheapest.  

24 Mar 2004 05:07

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