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Hey im a new surfer, and im looking for some tips. does anyone have some general tips for me?  

15 Mar 2004 05:41
I am also a new surfer and I got a great book all about surfing. So I suggest you get one. They are veryhelpful and include what to buy, how to do tricks and basic princples. Hope you get on alright. Let me know,

Chris (NewSurferDude14) :lol:  

24 May 2004 17:16
FutureFounder of SiCk Ind
Get lessons, if ya cant afford em rent a foamboard. Paddle really hard. do some pop ups on the beach before you go out. wear a rashgaurd. dont dive off your board (trust me this hurts). the guy closest to the break has the rite of way, dont snake his wave. learn how to turtle if you get a foamboard. your toes should be at the end of your board if you get a foamboard or a longboard. unless its really long. dont go to your knees when you pop up. go straight to your feet.  

06 Jul 2004 09:02

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