how to do a 360 in the air, CORRECTLY!??

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14 years old, bmxing for 6 months, can do a 180 and a feeble, but cant spin enough for a damn 360!!!!! HOW!!!???  

16 Mar 2004 21:44
Yes and no? man what kinda POLL was that?? REMOVED!  

17 Mar 2004 00:00
can you tell me how to get the last whip on your tail to finish up the 180.
i dont ride street much, in the park i always get it down, but im trying on street, and i cant get that last whip, i end up geting like 135 or 140, not really 180's  

06 Apr 2004 03:18
ya i try doing 180 but I always fall off my bike into a tailwipe so i kept trying tailwipe and almost got it but guess what my rim got fu*ked up and i had to pay $160 for a new one  

11 Apr 2004 22:54

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