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[b]Step 1:[/b] Take off your front brake its no need anyway.
[b]Step 2:[/b] Take off 2 of your pegs (the pegs in that side you dont use anyway)
[b]Step 3:[/b] Cut down your bars length.

C'mon guys you write step 4 and 5 and so on ok?  

25 Dec 2002 01:01
u also can buy lighter <-- :wink: parts as
pedals, pegs, cranks or bars

this way u can easily make your bike 2,56kg lighter <-- :wink:  

25 Dec 2002 01:02
If you want to cut down weight best thing to do is get a lighter frame, and front fork. As this is most of your weight. You can beat around the bush all day and trim weight here and there but most of it is in what you started with. In most cases you get what you pay for, so whip out the wallet and let it do the talking. Doing the three steps above help but best thing is to buy new parts. YOu can start by buying a new frame and switching stuff over, then slowly upgrade from there to save $$$$$> Just my suggestion.  

25 Dec 2002 01:02
Pesonally i think you should not but light forks and frame if you get stuff with thin tubing then its weak and will bend and dent wouldnt you rather carry an xtra pound or 2 and not replace stuff you should just stick choppin bars and seat polls and taking front brakes and pegs off use 2 pc handle bars and tubular 3pc crank also if have a real real long straight cable you can take the gyro off and use a straight cable dirt tires are also a little lighter. a good frame that is sturdy should be about 7 1/2 lbs  

03 Jan 2003 02:17
Welcome to the boards [b]Zorgon[/b]!
you should register your nick
i say................. :wink:  

03 Jan 2003 02:24
get a new frame off ebay... u can get some 4pound frames on there for like... 100 bux that would sell for 400 on retail... also get a light fork  

16 Jan 2003 19:31
You could also try getting stronger and lose some of that fat why ur at it, dont start defacing the beautifully manufactured bike just cos ur having a few problems.

A good carpenter never blames his tools.  

17 Jan 2003 16:54
:?: When you chop your bars is it ok to use a grinder or shoud I just try to find a pipe cutter? And what is a good length from the crossbar to the ends for handlebars? :?:  

31 Jan 2003 16:07
lol, you're going to chop your bars and while holding the pieces realize you just defaced a work of art over a few ounces. Besides, narrower bars lessen your balance for manuals, not to mention anything that involves touch the handle bars.  

13 Feb 2004 08:54
or u cud stop bein a bunch of pussies and ride a heavy bike im sure mine is heavier dan all of urs  

18 Feb 2004 23:04
this (terrorible1) guy is a bit mental

he must suck a lot of his mums dick  

13 Mar 2004 10:43
1- cut ur handle bars down
2-take pegs off, unless they are needed
3- cut seat post down
4-get rid of front brakes
5-if you have a heavy frame, you can drill holes evenly on the bike, but i do not reccomend it, as you can fu*k up your bike
6-bring your rear wheel closer to the fram, and take out a few chain links
thats all i know, unless you wanna buy more light parts, but this stuff is free!!!

16 Mar 2004 21:32

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