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i'v been biking for about a year now and me and my friends started around the sametime and they are much better then me i have like no new stuff like i always try the hard stuff and can't land it like i can get a tailwipe around but can't land it but nether can they but their pulling shit and they have enough tricks to make like a 2-3 min video about them i would be like one of those props guys that does like 2-3 trinks on the video full of riders so if any of you have and tips for me to get better or some tricks for me i would like to try some new stuff  

23 Mar 2004 06:09
at first i had crappy ass hops, now i got em big and shit, so i used that started doing gaps and stairs, its pretty tight, cuz a lot of my friends are older and better than me but i got bigger stairs and gaps than they do.

basically what im saying is... find your own thing dont always tr what others are doing try own thing ya feel me?  

12 Apr 2004 19:28
I_RIDE_BMX is right. You shouldn't worry about what other people can do. If that's the way you look at the sport your in it for the wrong reasons. But non-the-less tell the tricks you can do and the ones you are trying to do. Maybe I can be of some assistance?  

18 Apr 2004 10:34

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