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how the hell do you do a 180 in the air w/ no ramps.

how the hell do you do a barspin!???  

26 Mar 2004 01:06
try peg wheelie or regular manual wheelies, thats what i do, those hop barspins are scary  

12 Apr 2004 19:30
[u]Flatground 180[/u]: It's quite a simple concept, but putting it together can be harder then it sounds. Basically, you ride at a normal jogging speed, and while you're beginning to bunnyhop you lean towards the side you want to spin to (I'll use the left as an example). And once you feel your bike is off the ground you huck your body into the way you were leaning. Remember to use your shoulders, it will help you spin.

[u]Barspins[/u]: The easiest way to do these are with two rear pegs. Ride at jogging speed, stand on back pegs, hold the front back of your seat with one and and pull back to get the front tire off the ground, then with your other hand spin the bars which ever way you wish. Then grab the bars, with the hand you spun them with, once they've made the full rotation let go of your seat and ride away. Also you're gonna need to have a long break cable, or a gyro, or if you ride like me no brakes at all.  

18 Apr 2004 10:27
standing on the pegs for barspin well it works but cuy yer bars liek mine are 23 inch or get snfu sushi bar which is 23 inch just pull up and spin if you always use yer pegs how you gynna barspin gap and stuf...... :roll:  

10 May 2004 08:17

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