i need help ollieing onto things

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ok ive been skateboarding for 7 months now and i am good but at the same time i suck. I can ollie over things like sewers and things in my way, but when it comes to getting onto things like curbs i get my board up but my back foot comes off. if u think u can help me can u do so plz!  

28 Mar 2004 19:35
take your own advice and try to stay direcly underneath the board can you ollie down a curb if so you should be able to ollie up one :wink:  

30 Mar 2004 19:44
yo Sk8erGator the best way to ollie onto sumthing is to think ur just ollieing over the sewer of a deck it helps you concentrate on the ollie it kinda helps it helped me. its just and normal ollie in ur mind is what will help you.  

02 Apr 2004 00:46
When ever you do anything, any trick don't think. Don't think "I need more pop" or "I gotta slide my foot" or any of that crap. Just do it don't think. For some reason that helps me so much so maybe it will work for you.  

02 Apr 2004 19:39
tdub's right just dont think do a ollie and land it dont even look at the curb to much  

20 Apr 2004 04:46

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