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Hi not a BMX'er (yet).. i want to buy one and i got my eye on the dragonfly one euro...the information said it is a good bike for beginners and compatible for both street as well as flatland..i know what street and flatland are but i got one question...what does 'beginners bike' mean? does it mean that its really weak or something? PLS help me thnx :)  

31 Mar 2004 15:08
It doesnt matter which bike you get, as long its BMX bike for tricks. But when you do get a bike, [Any kind you want] you need to feel the ride of the bike and get used to it, get used to the weight or hight of it.  

23 Jun 2007 19:16
hey have you heard of the colony endeavor??

it is a sick mad dog bike there are only 30 in aus!!  

15 Aug 2007 12:07
ye i have ver fukin awesome  

07 Apr 2008 22:01

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