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Rossignol has pulled the plug on A Snowboards. Two years after buying it, with a projected sale of a 150.000 boards worldwide, they kill A. What's more, this is A Snowboards 20th anniversary. Nice present for the founder of snowboarding in France, Regis Rolland. No more David Vincent's crazy designs, no more Method Ltd. Parental Advisory Stickers, no more Apocalypse. :evil:

Let me know what you think, and if you are as disgusted as I am, reply...  

25 Dec 2002 01:12
I have to admit that in my opinion their graphics are the best in the business and I used a Vintage that was very kind to me when i first started so it is sad that its all being canned. :cry:

Cant say I ever even considered an Rossignol gear - so its a bit difficult to boycott - is this a part of skiers conspiracy to get rid of snowboarding?!!  

25 Dec 2002 01:13
Gutted! :x

i just got my first board, from A! mainly cos they had to only graphics i liked on all the entry level boards i saw and i saw lots and lots before buying. I have to say i think the standard (particularly on entry level boards) of graphics of snowbards in crap, more so if you compair them to skateboards. A where my little glimmer or hope that decent graphics might catch on!


25 Dec 2002 01:14
that sucks balls why are they doing it?i ride rossignol  

03 Feb 2003 08:54
It is a sad day for the Snowboarding world when a company at the soul of our sport is killed off by a bunch of bean counting arseholes!

We all understand companies cannot continue if they are losing money but when Regis Rolland put forward a firm offer to keep the brand a live and they still decide to kill it off it quiet frankly Sucks Ass!

The first board I ever purchased some 10 years a go was a David Vincent model with it's crazy mushroom graphics which at the time was what made me buy it before it's performance, but it turned out to be a fantastic board and addicted me to the sport.

The snowboard world should get together and never purcahse another Rossignol product, I certainly will not.

I hope Regis Rolland can some how salvage the brand and continue supplying top class equipment for our sport. :evil:  

23 Feb 2003 17:52
sure, there graphics are good. dut damn, anyone ever heard of Herr Vaughster??? they have the pimpinesque graphics ever. i love Herr Vaughnser, they have really nice graphics, even if there like 600 bucks :D  

26 Dec 2003 02:19
All I have to say is screw good graphics.
"Kids need to know that they should support snowboarders and snowboard companies, not ski companies. People see all the new boards lined up and it doesn't matter to them if its a ski company or not. But what they don't realize is ten years ago most ski companies hated snowboarders. Its a weird situation because skiing and snowboarding had such a big feud. Skiers hated snowboarders because we were the younger guys who were having more fun. Now they're trying to control the industry and it sucks." -Bjorn Leines in Transworld snowboarding Jan '04

Boycott Rossignol. I'm not saying lets hate on ski companies, but lets support those who fought for this sport when mountains like Aspen still wouldn't allow boarders. The ski companies only started making snowboards to increase revenue. Anyone that loves this sport doesn't want to let it be about money any more than it already is.  

03 Jan 2004 15:14
Whats the big deal about graphics. The board is covered with snow, and rippin down the slopes, who's gonna see it enough that it really matters. Or else it's in a bag. Maybe it' just me, but it seems silly to buy a board because of the graphics. And I ride Rossignol and am quite happy with it. I'm not sure I could even tell you what the graphics are on it. Never looked at it that close. But it's blue, and something else.  

19 Jan 2004 00:07

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