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Ok, i am currently building my jumps in a bottom of a forest in a ravine to be specific. Right now i have a gap jump. I dug out the gap and it was filled with water since it was deep. I like that effect, jumping over water. Anyway, it isnt a huge lip, and you dont get 2 much air. Havent jumped it yet due to the rain. But I know i wont get to much air. The gap is 6 feet about. Could someone please help me on how to make it bigger, Eventually.  

31 Mar 2004 18:33
Could someone please tell me how exactly. Like i pile dirt on the top of the jump buyt for some reason it doest get to big. I dont know why. I have a 2 ft lip and a 6 foot gap. I want to get some mad air tho.  

08 Apr 2004 17:11
the ramp its self dosnt have 2 be to big just make the lip hudge to the point you think its to big and that should work. make sure u get the dirt wet and pack it down really well so it dosnt move  

15 Jul 2004 16:56
brett 88
ive built a few jumps out of dirt, to make the lip more stable try using grass with lotsa dirt attatched to the roots, it adds stability so ur lip wont fall off lol  

05 Aug 2004 17:28

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