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I've done recreation skating on inlines for as long as I can remember... come to think of it, I dont think I ever used a regular pair of roller-skates even when I was a toddler, rollerblades just felt better. Anyway, so I'm fifteen now and I've decided to learn aggressive skating (actually my boyfriend tried to get me into skateboarding, But I just wasnt comfortable with it). Anyway, I have a pair of semi-crappy skates that a bought a few years back (I paid like 50-75 bucks for em'). There not horrible, but they're more built for recreation skating. I've been doing a lot of reading on what makes up good skates, so I have a pretty good idea of what I'll need to get, but thats not really my problem. If some of you could give me suggestions about a good place to start at it would help me out greatly. I know with skateboarding you've got to learn an ollie before anything, but I dont know where to start with inlines. I can actually skate well, I just can't do anything special, so keep in mind its not like I've never put on skates before. There's a skatepark about a block from where I live, but I havn't built up enough courage to go check it out yet (mainly because I'm a chick, and I expect it to be mostly guys), so suggestions are welcome. Please. Oh, and sorry for writing a novel here... I'm also a writer so I can't say even simple things in less than two long sentences.  

02 Apr 2004 10:18
Oh, and I meant absolutely no offense to any other girl skaters when I said that I expected the skate park to be occupied mostly guys, Its just that I live in an area called Lynn Haven on the outskirts of Panama City in Florida, and the culture here is kind of weird... the chicks around here all wear houchie clothes and are more interested in what color eyeshadow the girl sitting next to her is wearing than anything worthwhile like skating. There are a few exceptions, but it is definately mostly the guys over here who are interested in it.

Sorry! Paranoia I guess... racial and gender tension is a major proplem at my school, so I've gotten in the habit of explaining stuff like that so I don't get shot. (I'm actually serious about that... this is redneck teritory where I live so everyones got a gun! I'm lucky enough to live in the civil part of town though) Habits die hard...  

02 Apr 2004 10:36
well thats coolthat u r a girl and u just start off with the basics...try rollin and suckin up your feet enough so u can touch em...and try jumpin off curbs,steps,etc.  

14 Apr 2004 21:58

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