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[b][color=darkblue]Hey, I wanted to know, what's the difference between a manuel and a wheelie? I always thought they were the same until I saw people saying they were different.[/color][/b]  

05 Apr 2004 00:31
from what i know (a lot) in a manuel ur standing and your ass is NOT on the seat but sticking out and u use it to thrust your self forward.
in a wheelie your sitting on your seat and you lift up your front wheel, to move faster, you just pedal, its a lot harder but to me it looks cooler  

06 Apr 2004 03:25
[b][color=red]Ok, well...what if it's half and half...like you ARE on the seat, but you're not pedaling?[/color][/b]  

06 Apr 2004 06:37
In a wheelie, you are pedaling. In a manual, you are not. Manuals are good for higher speeds and they look better. If you are on the seat but not pedaling, you are doing a manual, but not for long, because you are about to lean too far back.  

07 Apr 2004 22:04
[b][color=red]Ohh ok. manuels seem easier to me. Cause I mean, wouldn't it be hard to pedal while on one wheel?[/color][/b]  

08 Apr 2004 00:05
No, actually each pedal gives your body a boost backwards, making it much easier to balance. You just can't really wheelie when you are going too fast, because the cranks will easily spin forward.  

08 Apr 2004 03:57
[b][color=red]Ohhh ok gotcha.[/color][/b]  

08 Apr 2004 04:47

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