What do you use to d/l mp3's?

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What do all yall use to d/l your music i use winmx i would be using kazaa but its bein a pain and wont stay on my comp. so i wanna know what everyone uses. 8)  

25 Dec 2002 01:28
Kazaa or Limewire. I used to use Imesh and aimster but ya they both suc now.  

25 Dec 2002 01:29
i use kazaa, i used to use audiogalaxy... but then something happened and it doesnt work anymore? :x  

25 Dec 2002 01:30
they all sound like a bunch of immatators to the only TRUE download source.. mIRC. You can find anything on mIRC, more files and shizzle than all those other junk put together.  

25 Dec 2002 01:30
-iMesh (well i dont anymore, i used to :wink: )
-Kazaa Lite v2
-Direct Connect (there u can find the most stuff, NOT mIRC... on direct connect you connect directly to hubs full of people... and if u share more than 60gigs urself, u can get ANYTHING off direct connect :wink: )
-Friends' FTP servers  

25 Dec 2002 01:31
I use Kazaa,i ALWAYS find what I want,but sources from Computer Active magazine say that people are taking them to court,they are going through the same phase as Napster...yikes!  

25 Dec 2002 01:32
Yah i agree with Tooey cause i have KaZaA too and sumtimes when it gets al fuct up (wich happens 4 me at times:P) i download other mp3 downloaders and they just arent nearly as good as KaZaA i thought iMesh was ok but yah whatever i sound like sum fag that knows all tha junk about nothin important.. :roll:  

05 Feb 2003 17:25
Kaaza sucks! It always gives you virus's so I use limewire thats pretty good!  

04 Feb 2004 22:56
yeah they sueing everbody for downloading illegaly.

anyone know some good legal mayb even free download programs let me know.  

18 Feb 2004 07:23
Bob jackson
their are all kinds of sites out their that are legal but you gotta pay like 50 cents a pop. :cry: Also a kid who lived in my old neighborhood got sued in the guadruple digit range anyone over thirteen here that might not sound bad but to me thats crazy  

19 Feb 2004 01:22
That sucks big time man... Welcome to the boards anyway hehe  

19 Feb 2004 02:01
i use kazaa lite sometimes.........but i have an ipod :D so i got the software with it that downloads mp3's from the apple website even quicker and better quality of song than most others. And its free !!

by the way if you download from any random mp3 website its only illegal if you dont delete it off your hard drive within 24 hours - so downlaod as many as you like ,save them onto disc and then delete the file off your computer - o and dont sell the disc either ,thats illegal to.

El Diablo :twisted:  

22 Feb 2004 16:39
IPod rulaz! :two thumbs:  

22 Feb 2004 21:16

EL Diablo :twisted:  

23 Feb 2004 18:49
I use Dc++ Best stuff ever. You get to chose your servers, a lot to chose from. Only bad thing is 2 get into certain servers u must be sharing a certain amount of gigs.

Ok kazaa, sucks gave me 2 many virus.
Imesh is alrite, i can find some movies.
Mirc ok that is alrite, only problem with that one is, the whole way of d/ling and the waiting in lines crap.

Now does anyone know where do d/led the movie Saving Silverman? I have tried kazaa, imesh, mirc, and Dc++ havent found it yet. :cry:  

31 Mar 2004 18:48
[b][color=red]I use Kazaa Lite+. It's wayyy better than Kazaa. I've heard it doesn't have spyware so they can't track your downloads and sure you. I'm not sure of that, but it's treated me well so far. :) [/color][/b]  

05 Apr 2004 00:50
meh...I just try to stay away from kaaza all toghther  

16 May 2004 05:54
I agree with sk8r_bnmn. I used to use KaZaA but it's getting pretty bad. And especially because KaZaA Lite isn't free anymore. I use Ares, I think it's the best out them all, I use mIRC for movies though.  

31 May 2004 04:36
i use e-mule to download all my pron, have any of you seen any p*ssy. What a bunch of nerds.  

24 Jul 2004 15:56
mr jones
i use websites .. i cant download kazaa for some reason! :(  

29 Jul 2004 16:17
tyhat sucks  

29 Jul 2004 19:00

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