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I know there have been a whole rack of these popping up all over the place... but i really need help picking a new bike. right now I ride the 2003 GT compe. it aint my style, everythings too loose on it. so i need complete bike that's got a pretty good(fast/smooth) freewheel, a bit bigger than average handlebars(knee-savers) im a big guy. i don't car about rims or wheels braking systems. or weight, i can deal with heavy bikes pretty good. i asked my boys they kept coming up with the same crap, they made me get the damn compe. anyways, i'd aprresciate each and every single recommendation

ps. i forgot to say i can't spend more than $250, and some old model would do fine too (1990's) basically anything in my budget and specs will do fine, thanks  

06 Apr 2004 03:12
well if your a big guy go for like a s&m their for big riders or a freeagent.
small macneil heatons pretty good for small riders i should know i'v biked with the guy like 10 times hes so good i wish i was him :cry: anyways if your a biginner dont go for the top model like fly, fit and fbm go for like a haro, dk, gt, something just looom araound like look at bmx magazines thats what i do.  

11 Apr 2004 22:58
I would go with something like a hoffman. They're usually around 33-35 lbs. And about your GT being loose, why not get your hands dirty? Flip that badboy over and take everything apart, clean them up and put them back and make sure they're tight.  

18 Apr 2004 10:37

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