How do ppl ollie so high??

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I've been sk8in every day practicin my ollies but i can only ollie a foot high. what is the trick to ollieing higher because i cant do shit if i cant ollie high.  

06 Apr 2004 03:42
well, what i do is kind'a have your back foot on my tip toe and pop like that. last time i did that i ollied a foot in a half.(it works for me.) :D  

06 Apr 2004 04:30
I guess it comes with practice cuz i see these pros doing 8 decks and I do 5....I don't know what its is....  

28 Apr 2004 18:24
keep your foot back further and pop the tail harder.u have less control but u get higher  

29 Apr 2004 00:51
POppin the tail is hard to do. If you do it 2 hard u go flyin  

29 Apr 2004 12:56
give up...............only jokin put your feet futher down pop the tail and get it to the top 8)  

29 Apr 2004 19:11
sk8r_bnmn out like crazy till your leg muscle develop so much that ....boom! you can ollie 9 decks...j/k I don't know if that'd work  

15 May 2004 02:09
i doubt if that wud work, u retarded nose joint  

15 May 2004 11:52
DMY boz......and you never know until you've tried it so....what are you waiting for...?Let me know how it works...  

16 May 2004 05:43
he wont do it he is a little pussy the only thing he can do is drop (not ollie) of a curb  

16 May 2004 23:33
hahah my friend can do that n he doesnt even skate he h8s it i tried to convinse him but hes beein a dick  

17 May 2004 12:47
yeah thats problly it......  

18 May 2004 04:34

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