wat u think of my new set up

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this is my 2nd board and everything coz my 1st was really shit

flip deck
venture trucks
reds bearing
ricta speed band wheels

i think its pretty sweet wat bout u guys?  

06 Apr 2004 13:30
HECK YEAH DUDE!!, that's just like mine but my bearings got messsed up. they wont quit poping out. just like mine but element barings.(DON"T GET ELEMENT BARINGS.) you have the best setup.  

13 Apr 2004 04:07
yeh every1 says its good :D i luv it. i just needa get good on it now lol  

14 Apr 2004 10:42
it sux, mine's better. its got:

flip deck
bones red ceramics (better than bones reds)
grindking trucks
ricta aircores

17 Apr 2004 19:37
Your setup is quite cool, but a bit like my frend here's:

Flip Bastien Salabanzi deck
Venture trucks
heroin bearings
element weels.

Similar, no?  

23 Apr 2004 18:29
everything alright but the trucks.....  

20 May 2004 03:42
hey hey hey venture trucks r the best u sukka  

20 May 2004 11:44
naah way!!!To be they seem like the cheapest trucks you can get......they don't hold up for any REAL skateboarder...thats my opinion  

22 May 2004 01:14
yeah ventures suk......if u want good trux go with royal,silver,or grind king....  

22 May 2004 04:34
yeh ventures do suck quite alot  

23 May 2004 05:05
YEAH SILVER TRUCKS!!!!! those are the sweetest thats my next pair of trucks fo' 'sho  

26 May 2004 05:07
in aus ventures are like the 2nd cheapest truck u can by besides gm and there really shit  

26 May 2004 10:20

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