Is this a good deal or not?

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[b][color=red]I went to this sport place, and saw this Diamondback Joker, used, and I was only 75 bucks! The only problem was that the right handle bar was a little bit bent. I thought it was a pretty good deal. I didn't buy anything yet, but I'm waiting for my birthday which is in June. And the guy said that nobody that came into the shop really had an interest in BMX, and that the bike had been there since September, so there's no real danger of it selling before I get the chance to get it. So do you guys think it was a good deal?[/color][/b]  

11 Apr 2004 02:22
dont get a db thier kinda crap like the joker is bad
stat with like a dk, haro, gt, freeagent, something around the price $350
then work your way up to buying just a frame and part. dont get the joker their crap get something light  

11 Apr 2004 22:50
[b][color=red]Yeah but it's only 75 BUCKS!! I mean, it might not be THAT good, but it is a bike that's pretty well heard of and I'm just a beginner and I can't afford anything that's over that. [/color][/b]  

12 Apr 2004 04:39
It's a bit hard because I haven't seen it. But if only the handle bars are bent a bit. If I were in your situation I'd go for it. Like you said a bike is a bike. This isn't a bike I would get and expect to use for years. It's something I would use until I could get a more reliable one. Plus maybe the Diamondback has some good parts on it, that you can use in the future. So yes I would buy it.  

18 Apr 2004 10:31
dude,diamondbacks are alsome....dont listen to anybody else...  

18 Apr 2004 21:02

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