Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

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I saw it wednesday. 12:01 show. The two towers is better than the first. IT IS WAY FRICKEN BETTER! What do you guys think?  

25 Dec 2002 01:34
I dunno. I really liked the first one a lot more.  

25 Dec 2002 01:35
i just saw it this morning. i did like the first one better. it followed the book more in the first one. great movie anyway! way too long tho...drew out some parts  

25 Dec 2002 01:35
hey advice u need a free day to watch it ,its three hours long but its worth

**** SPOILER ALERT Read at your own risk ****

my favorite seen is when the trees attack Isengard another cool part is the helms deep fight

*** End Spoiler Alert ***

Gimli and legolas rather more comedy than serious in this movie
in a rating from 1- 10 i would give it a 10 the first part was good too but not too much action  

25 Dec 2002 01:36
The Two Towers was awesome despite the fact I knew what was going to happen (just recently read the book). I was dissappointed because they left out a huge chunk of the ending, which will be included in the third movie, but the action was so much better and more frequent in this one. It was hilarious to see all the violence and these little kids were in the theatre, I'm sure their parent didn't even know... mwhahahahahahaha! Anyway, this has become my all time favorite movie by far, I think it even surpasses the Matrix :D  

25 Dec 2002 01:37
More action as has Return of the King.

Lots of bits missing from the book, but that is to be expected otherwise the movie would be 6hrs +!!!

When "return" is out on dvd it may be time for a trilogy day!! :lol:  

28 Apr 2004 13:32

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