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Novice Sk8er
I've been skating for MAYBE 2-4 days, and i've read SEVERAL tips on doing an ollie but i'm confused still.

stand still ollie i use my back foot to slam the tail to the ground, i TRY to get my back foot off right as i slam but im usually not able to do it, then i kinda of kick the front down but it never works, and timing suggestions?

i can ride naturally just the ollie is REALLY hard for me just the timing seems impossible to do..lol  

13 Apr 2004 22:33
[quote=Novice Sk8er] i TRY to get my back foot off right as i slam[/quote]
If I'm reading correctly, you don't need to take your feet off the skateboard? As a matter of fact you shouldn't. If you're regular, put your left foot about 1/3 ways up the board, and angle your heel right slightly, your toes should be just a centimeter into the board (away from the edge). Now your right foot, put you toes on the very tip of the tail. Bend your knee's pop that back down, then right away take your left foot and push it up against the board and slide it to the bolts.  

18 Apr 2004 10:50
jump as soon as your back foot hits the ground  

18 Apr 2004 20:37
go to skateboarding.com and click on trick tips and theres a whole video for ollieing help  

20 Apr 2004 08:08
All you do is push your back foot down on the kicktail and slide the other up the board.. simple, huh. It took me a while. One of my friends said to jump whilst doin it. it kinda helps  

22 Apr 2004 15:55

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