my friend sucks help!

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whenever my friend trys to ollie moving he mucks it up  

17 Apr 2004 19:43
Doesn't mean he sucks...maybe he's just new or he's scared to fall and get hurt. But when it comes to skateboarding, you can't be scared to fall, if you are it'll be hard to progress in the sport.  

18 Apr 2004 10:45
yeah he is right u cant just get on a board and start olliein...  

18 Apr 2004 20:53
how long has he been boarding?  

20 Apr 2004 04:42
Hell, u guys r tuff!! It took me long enuff to lern to rolling ollie, but i got there in the end.... then i stopped skatin and now i started again, neeing to lern it all again.... Bugger, eh?  

23 Apr 2004 18:35
the longest I stoped skating was for 2 weeks in the winter and then i could'nt kickflip or anyother trick for that matter for like a week...that sucked!  

20 May 2004 03:44
I never skate in the winter that much. In Canada / Alberta / Edmonton in our winters your sometimes lucky to see the sidewalk or even the road...  

27 May 2004 08:27
yeh winter sux in aus......... ure probably all thinking its 100 degress down here all the time but its not.... it gets really cold and we actually get snow  

27 May 2004 09:01
I never been down there yet. I heard its a great place for skateboarding though.

The thing I hate about winter is after its over and you start skateing again you seem like a newbie all over again. Thank god for indoor skateparks. :)  

27 May 2004 09:03
It has NEVER snowed in Florida. NEVER. Well actually, when I was like one or something, we got like a handful of flakes, but it didnt even cover the ground. It does get cold though...  

27 May 2004 11:55
yeh thats tru coz when i was there last year it was really cold and when it rain it f"kin rains it was like a monsoon when i ws there  

27 May 2004 12:25
we only have one park indoor around here and it gets real crowded so I just skate underground parking lots or big barns...  

28 May 2004 00:57

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