hello, i need heelflip help :)

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i can get the board to flip on a heelflip all the way rounds but I cant land on any feet because the board goes behind me so therefore im about 2foot in front of the board, can you help?  

18 Apr 2004 20:34
Hmmm... are you leaning too far forward? Cuz that could be the reason you land like 2ft. in front of your board. Just try to keep upright and centered... if you're leaning forward to much.  

23 Apr 2004 05:16
I ain't really the person to ask bcos i cant land heelflips(or do them for that matter), but if the landing thing is the same as kickflips, then u jjust stay springy and jump straight up....... or so im told....... :roll:  

23 Apr 2004 18:14
Yeah when i learned a always jumped forward...DONT...just pop an ollie flip your heel to the top corner of your board and stay above your board don't jump forward.  

28 Apr 2004 18:20

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